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Find The Perfect Exterior Door for Your Home and Save Up to 25%.

At Window Medics we do not just supply, install, service, and repair windows; we also have a huge range of exterior doors. If you are looking for exterior door replacement you will be spoiled for choice.



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Apart from your windows, nothing says more about your home to a new visitor than your front door. Our catalog contains fiberglass doors, wrought iron doors and decorative glass doors all available in a stunning selection of designs and colors. Whatever you need, trust Window Medics to stock it.

Our doors are not only built to last, they are also built for total security and peace of mind. We use 8 gauge security plates to reinforce the lock blocks, and where other companies only use 12″ lock blocks we provide 24″ lock blocks. Deadbolts enhance the security of the door. Ball-bearing hinges ensure years of trouble free and easy performance while gam bumpers prevent the glass from rattling, even in extreme heat conditions.

Zmag weather stripping ensures absolutely no chance of any draughts and can reduce your energy costs by 10% to 15%. In addition we use ProLux UV resistant paint which also has heat reflecting properties, again keeping your energy bills down. Our doors will also install easily where complete rip out is not required.

Our Garden Doors are available in polyplex white, taupe, sable, olive green. and maize, and make a stunning secure addition to the rear of any property. When you are sitting on the patio, you need to be able to see a door that blends perfectly with your house.

We have over 80 exterior doors in stock spanning a huge variety of designs and colours, incorporating wrought iron, full glass, oval glass, square glass and without glass. Colours include chestnut brown, dark brown, slate grey, sandalwood, almond, maize, white, dark cherry, wedgwood blue, antique mahogany, olive green, forest green, dark walnut, and many more too numerous to mention.

Sliding Patio Doors are available in multiple hinge and swing formats for ultimate flexibility of installation. The rails are made from Canadian pine jointed wood and the door bottom is pressure treated to avoid any rotting. Options include three or four panel screens, a mounted interior screen, and the doors can also function as a double operator and can be hinged off side jambs. The doors are all Energy Star rated.

For exterior door replacement you can not do better than look at our huge selection. There is something to complement every home and you are certain to find that we have the perfect door for you. Call us today on 825-251-2827.
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